Robinson Crusoe

Robinson Crusoe
After reading the last page of <Robinson Crusoe> . The twists plot and turns and fall effortlessly story, I was full of tears. The hero of an island in the wild life in the 28 year. 28 years! How wonderful a digital! No doubt about it, he is brave, he is a hero! This fascinating story is talk about a man named Robinson Crusoe, the ship which he abroad catch a strong wind and run against a rock. Unfortunately, because of this terrible strong wind , all the passengers on board die in this accident but the lucky dog Robinson Crusoe survived. What a miracle it is! The waves dashed him on the beach. Robinson Crusoe does not be pessimistic or despair, he drew on his dogged determination and fight against with the nature astonishingly, what he does is just like a hero who does not cave in to disappointment and nature. In a situation that desperate, he went adrift on a desert of deserted island in order to survive. He used the mast on the boat to make a raft, transporting the food, clothing and tools again and again. On shore, he begins to put up a tent. Finally, he settled down on his own hands and wisdom. By means of guns and simple tool, he support himself in this desert island self-reliance. After a wild life's efforts, he has his own house and furniture, and pasture and plantations, and even have a pet. In such difficult circumstances, he could live in such a this kind of life, it is not a easy thing, is not it? It is totally for he drew on his perseverance and intelligence of the miracle. Robinson has said : "I was determined to do a thing, if I could be success and I will never give up", " I'll do my best, as long as I can swim, I would not drown, as long as I can still stand, I wouldn't fall." Although he has no helpers, no tools, and the lack of experience, so when he do anything it must be take for a lot of labor and take a long time. Even a piece of wood he has to cost forty days. Though he made many things are all in vain, but he never be discouraged, he summed up experience and start again and again tirelessly. However, Robinson Crusoe’s hard working get a gratifying return in the end. Finally he became a marine, he has bread and plantations, there are two more,

"deluxe" the house. All of these, no one is not spent a lot of efforts and numerous sweat, tough Robinson Crusoe has overcome many difficulties one after another one and never be defeated. Such a life for Robinson Crusoe, it is must be a luxury. Compared with those people who will escape when he was in trouble, Robinson Crusoe is so strong man! As a matter of fact, many people could not face difficulties bravely and then shrink back. In our times, most of us now are only one child and our parents will protect us perfectly in order to nothing could hurt us anymore. In the home, our parents would not let us do anything such as housework or any other things. In contrast, they just say: " my little honey, all you have to do is reading books, and other things mom and dad will do for you. " Study hard is important for us, but at the same time, survival skills is also important for us. The little thing in our life, we could not look them down upon, if we could not do them by ourselves, how can we do any other things? As the old saying, "a sweeping housing, how can sweep the world." When I read off this book, I can not help thinking it over, if we are in the desert island, can we live on there only by ourselves? Can we?The answer is obvious, it must be no! Because we have no ideas. When we catch such a strong wind, maybe we will lose our hope and waiting for die. We should study the spirit that we should never give in to difficulties, regardless of when and where, we must be strong enough to face our life, even if there is only a gleam of hope to win, must not give up! we should like Robinson Crusoe that courage and perseverance, enjoys doing manual work create miracle that belongs to us. God only save the people who save themselves, who never fall down in trouble. Only for this, we could achieve our dream. Everyone have to know perseverance means victory! It is right. Nothing to be got without pains. No one could do all of thing for you. Therefore we can only depend on ourselves.


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